The holidays are upon us, and with that means there will be plenty of opportunities to eat. This can be an exciting prospect for people, but it can also be incredibly scary and frustrating for others. For people who are attempting to watch their weight or have special dietary restrictions, the holidays can be a tough time.

It may seem like the world is against you if you’re trying to remain healthy during the holidays, but it’s not. Finding healthy treats and recipes doesn’t mean you have to skimp on flavor or fun. Below are some healthy holiday treats for Thanksgiving.


No matter where you go for Thanksgiving or if you’re hosting at your home, you’ll probably have appetizers to keep everyone happy and fed while the main course cooks. There are a variety of different things you can put out for guests to nosh on that are healthy but still taste good. These include the following:

Veggie tray (to keep it lower in calories and healthy, stay away from the dip, unless it’s made with low-fat ingredients)

Cheese and crackers

In addition to being healthy, these appetizers are light so they won’t ruin anyone’s appetite for the main course.

Main Dishes

When it comes to the main course at Thanksgiving, turkey is the traditional fare. Depending on how it’s prepared, turkey is actually a lean meat that is high in vitamins and minerals. As long as you don’t eat the skin, it’s also low in saturated fat. Serving this is healthy and will make guests happy.

If you’re looking for some other options for a main course that aren’t turkey but are still healthy, you may consider some of the following.

Side Dishes

Side dishes are a bit easier to make healthy because they are often veggies. If you avoid slathering them in butter or a creamed sauce, you’ll be able to make them healthy. Even if you do decide to add a creamed sauce to a dish, using one that is low in fat will make it healthier for everyone’s enjoyment.

When it comes to stuffing and potatoes, avoid the gravy, which can add an an enormous amount of fat and sodium to the side. Otherwise, if prepared properly, both of these can be healthy and a great side to any meal.


Desserts are probably the most unhealthy part of any Thanksgiving meal. The amount of sugar included in these dishes can be astronomical. However, there are ways to make a healthy Thanksgiving dessert that everyone will enjoy. These can include fruit cups using fresh fruit and not adding additional sugar, or creating desserts with gelatin that is low in sugar.

If you are determined to have pie, consider baking some of the healthier pies for you and your guests.

Just because the holidays are here, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy eating habits. There are ways and recipes to make Thanksgiving delicious and nutritious.