Dr. Heegaard's committent to education lead him to start, and host, his own live, call in radio show . The Gyno Show aired live on MyTalk 107.1 FM on Sunday nights from 7-9 PM for over 7 years. In 2017, Dr. Heegaard and his co-host Twila Dang made the decision to from live radio to Podcast and created the Gynocast Podcast. This is a labor of love for Dr. Heegaard. There is a dynamic facebook group associated with the Podcast called the Gynocast Facebook group. There are almost 2000 members of this closed group. This is a unique and safe place for members to communicate with each other and Dr. Heegaard to offer suggestions for discuss intimate concerns, offer support for each other and give suggestions for upcoming podcasts. If you are interested in joining the group, please search for the Gynocast in Facebook and ask to join. Its that easy.  Her is the description of the show.

The Gynocast is a podcast featuring Board Certified OB/GYN Dr. Eric Heegaard and Twila Dang. Dr. Eric and Twila discuss anything and everything about women's physical and emotional health and well-being. They discuss all the topics that you're dying to know about but can sometimes be difficult to bring up in polite company. He brings over twenty years of medical experience and a passion to empower women to take charge of their health.

New episodes are released every Monday. The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Matriarch Digital Media produces podcasts that encourage and uplift women.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Heegaard please reach him by email through our website’s secure contact page.

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